The future begins here

The future begins here



We at ODLO Interactive boast a wide range of Visual services all under one roof, while preserving quality to make you stand out of the crowd. We are an ever evolving and versatile organization that strives to offer the best in modern day visual to you.


ODLO resonates Quality, leaving our customers in awe. Offering a unique visual spectrum in the ever changing world of multimedia

The name ODLO benchmarks the finest visual products in Sri Lanka. Catering to some of the leading clientele base both locally and internationally. We at ODLO bring to you ODLO Interactive which lets you imagine and us design, all in a blink of an eye.

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The most immersive way to explore a space. Our powerful Matterport 3D cameras create virtual walk-through showcases which are the most immersive and visually engaging way to explore property online. Step into the space and conceptualize the flow of rooms in a dynamic and smooth experience. We are Colombo's first and the only, most experienced Matterport Service Provider. We at ODLO Interactive use method scanning, a capture method that is highly detail oriented and focuses on consistency in navigation, increased viewing angles for taking 2D snapshot images and a perfect 3D dollhouse view without missing sections, holes or artifacts. We spend more time on site to ensure that our product reaches its full potential. Go Ahead...Try It Below


ODLO Interactive, Interactive 3D Concepts creates your dream space, allowing you to take charge of its creativity within the grasps of your hands. Customize and live in your dream home to be.

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STEP INTO YOUR IMAGINATON. VR/MR is the next steps in the evolution of communication. It allow the user to get lost in and even interact with virtual environments and see them in lifelike situations. Most importantly this solution is a cost-efficient way to make decisions and changes throughout the designs process compared to real life adjustments. We are not only harvesting but creating kick-ass technology. Take a walk inside future environments and experience space as never before with real time VR.

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